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Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 11:07 PM
Whoop, haven't written anything here since November. School and life have been pretty hectic, I guess u__u;; I'm actually procrastinating on studying/finishing a notebook for history/writing an English essay/math homework/chem homework right now ahhhh...hah ah hhah gonna stay up till 4 again probably (eyes can of coffee next to my laptop) 

Anywho! FANIME!!! Despite my parents' rather ugly reaction to my supposed reigniting of my affinity for anime/etc. after last year's Fanime, I convinced them to let me go again this year :'D My mom initially just said "No." when I hesitantly brought up the question but I was able to convince her...although next year I probably won't be able to go. URgh w/e 

The new regulations/additions Fanime's doing this year are kind of.... eh e___e After last year, my hopes and dreams for Fanime were kind of shattered whatwith how terribly they managed everything, and it really doesn't look like they're aiming to listen to the attendees and try to improve. But then, Fanime's still so well-attended....the struggles.. 

I'm planning on going Saturday and Monday (like last year) but I'll be bringing more cosplays this time (?). I'm cosing Christa (SnK) with :iconmilleno: as my Ymir lesbians for the first half of Saturday and then I'll be swapping out to Crossdressing Yosuke (P4) for the SMT/Persona gathering ^o^ I'm planning on making a ton of chibi keychains and just handing them out at the gathering so I can make more friends eeeee (also because I want to make keychains anyways, I'm nearly done with P3P and I just started P2IS). Monday I'll probably be Maid Outfit Yukari (P3) !! I'm so hyped I wanna be a cute maid (except I'm going to have to change either in a friend's friend's hotel room or in the Fairmont bathrooms urgh... my parents would never let me leave the house in a maid outfit). 

I've still got the harnesses, cloak, wig styling, and maid dress modification to do but hopefully I don't end up cramming until the week of Fanime (watch me I will). But I'm a lot more busy this school year because of prepping for SAT Subject tests (summer SAT classes also), volunteering/internships, yeah. So hopefully I actually get my stuff done on time.... my cosplays last Fanime were a disaster now that I think of it, I literally had no clue how to do makeup (still don't, but it's better than before). I want to get circle lenses but I have to consult with a doctor first, and lenses are so expensive OTL 


Hmm, things are fine, I'm really tired right now and I want Spring Break so badly (starts April 18ish, we're later than soooo many other schools =_= ). School's okay, although I literally bombed my probability math test today (45% LOL). There goes my chance for a 4.0 this semester 

Right now I'm attending a 2 hour long weekly Alg 2/Trig tutoring class every Monday afternoon, it's kind of dreary but I don't actually dislike the class. Although I'd love to kick all the guys in my class in the balls because everything that comes out of their mouths is utter filth and ignorance 8 ) I'll put up with it though because my math sucks ass math SUCKS 
I'll be going to the same tutoring center for a summer SAT prep program as well.... 118 hours from June 16th to July 28th, every Monday/Wednesday/Friday for 5 hours straight. Goodbye majority of my summer :icontearplz:

Then I'll probably try to get a part-time job, maybe...? I really would like to actually start making my own money, and I'm finally turning 16 in two months from now. Hell, I can't even believe I'm just two years away from being legal??? It's like...........dude....I was just 14 a year college is coming up..... wtf dude 
But at the same time I'm excited because I want to get out of the hellhole that is otherwise known as high school 
Also I want to move into a college dorm where I can fully express my gayness and hang up all of my gay otp prints and posters on my walls. My parents are homophobic as hell and it kind of hurts (since I have a preference for girls uh) but it's more like I JUST CAN'T WAIT TO BE ABLE TO PUT STUFF I ENJOY LOOKING AT AND LIKE ON MY WALLS WITHOUT BEING YELLED AT???? yeah. 

Also maybe I can open up commissions this summer...? If I have time, that is. I'm a slow worker anyways T_T I've always been limited to commissions at school because I can't have my own paypal and my dad doesn't allow me to use social networking (if he finds this account and my many others, he'll ground me for life), so I always turn down his offer to use his paypal instead. 

Hm hm... I guess that's it for now? o: I'm just gonna talk about video games and other stuff here because I don't want to study for my history test or rewrite my English essay that's due in 12 hours 


Recently I suddenly got hit with a huge interest in Jun Kurosu from P2 (I already knew of him before, with Tatsujun and "Canon Gay"), but last week I was just so...intrigued by him?? The P2 art is rather wonky and the designs are honestly lackluster (Maya's clothing dude) but Jun is............very cute.... And I saw a few more screenshots of P2. Also, seeing as how I'm making keychains for the SMT/Persona gathering at Fanime this year, I figured I should at least try and look into P2 and P1 in the future. So I downloaded ePSXe and the fan-translated patch of P2 AND IT ACTUALLY WORKED!!!! I tried it with Persona 4 back in May or June of 2013 and none of my keys worked, so I was ecstatic when P2 loaded :'D 

Right now I'm still in the Kasugayama Dungeon... I need to grind a little and get some more Tarot Cards before I can battle Yasuo. Unfortunately I got a few P2 spoilers after probing around with fanarts (then again, I can't blame anyone, the damn game's been out since I was a toddler), but I still don't know most of the story so it's cool ^_^ The gameplay's definitely a lot different from P3 and P4 (As are the graphics, but hey, the graphics are actually pretty impressive for a 1999 game) but I kind of view it as a non-Persona game in that sense, since I started with P4G. So far I think the story's actually the most intriguing/thought-out out of P2/P3/P4? Like, P4 definitely had an interesting story but it was so much more focused on the characters and their bonds, how their relationships intertwined to create the story. P3 is a nice balance of both, the story is definitely suspenseful and makes you think a lot, but P2 is.......just, a lot of things all in one I guess. There's character development, but it focuses a lot more on story as of right now. I'll see how Persona (1) is after I finish up these two games ^o^ also when I have money to buy it urgh 

In P3P I finally beat the Reaper after letting Akihiko, Mitsuru, and Aigis fall unconscious totally about 15 times in the course of 50 minutes, and I was SO ECSTATIC WHEN I WON because my party's level was about 79 (still pretty low, the reaper's 99) and I was level 96. But then I was so excited I forgot to save afterwards, then I went straight into Monad, leveled up super fast because of the high-leveled Shadows....then I accidentally got attacked by some Musha Shadows and immediately died l o l 
I'm almost in mid-January though, so I'm nearing the battle with Nyx. Hhhhhhh I'm so close to the end but I don't want it to end either (although I'm frankly sick of grinding in Tartarus -- it's fun but when you're trying to grind in one night and level your main party up by 9 levels, it takes at least a solid 4-5 hours). I really do love P3, but everytime I'm reminded by something from P4, I more or less just melt into a puddle of emotional goo T____T 


Speaking of which, I got into Persona 4 exactly a year and one day from today ^o^ And my love for it is still pretty strong eep. Souyo is still my OTP of OTPs laughs nervously 

I actually drew some nsfw Souyo (with comical censors) and posted it on tumblr last Friday (I stayed home sick Thursday and Friday and basically did nothing but doodle and game) and over the weekend I got 26 new followers omfg. The power of gay porn........... 
Also I befriended Nilam (:iconnilampwns:) recently due to our bonding over Yukamitsu and Souyo and she's so great T___T She's so fast at art and the results are always stellar too //jealous but also admiring I can't believe she drew me a ripped shirtless underwear model Souji for me :iconpapmingplz: 

Also Line and strangestquiet follow me on tumblr im literally so embarrassed but also flattered :icongtthplz: Mainly because I admire both of them as big figures in the Persona (4) fandom on tumblr, their cosplays/art, and writing T__T I'm humbled but also embarrassed because I'm sitting here doodling stupid things like Souji wiggling his butt while in nothing but underwear 
Also Line is the indirect reason I got into P4 in the first place, the first imprint P4 made on my mind was a post of hers that had photos of some cards from the anime?? And all I remembered was her captions about Souji being really awkwardly standing there and Yosuke crying into Souji's chest lol my love. But yeah..... u v u I've doubled my follower count on tumblr since last Fanime and it kind of gives me this sense of ... I have power now?? I don't really care for follower count but knowing all these people follow me because they like my art and sense of humor makes me really happy. ;_; The tags I see on reblogs of my art make me giggle because I've made a difference in their day/life, even if it's just a tiny thing, I did something to make someone smile, laugh, or want to rip their heart out because of a sad fanart (tbh my favorite thing). That keeps me going >: DDDD

ok yeah this was long i have a shit ton of hw to do BYEEE i just wanted to make use of the free premium membership day thing. I'm so much more on twitter and tumblr/pixiv than here.....

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